Dios los junta y ellos se separan (2006)

God brings them together and so they different informs the narrative of their Restrepo-Guzmán, a normal stratum 3 families from Colombia, which in 1 moment to the following is immersed into a string of tragedies following the discovery of a buff along with also an additional kid union of the daddy. The simple fact unleashes chaos in every member of their family, as in the middle of her pain that the wife gets entangled with the advisor of this Family Inspection who guides her to throw her husband out from our home and, specialized in adoring, neglects her relatives into the verge of never realizing her daughter is changing to a ritualistic along with her child a drug addict. As seen on .

Even a mid-class Colombian family enters insanity once it is learned that the"Lord of this dwelling", Benjamín, was cheating on his wife for twenty decades and it has still yet another kid.

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